Chiropractic Care

Dr Tat Loo, Chiropractor, Dunedin Sports medicine

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BodyMind & Spine provides traditional drug free chiropractic care in Dunedin (266 Hanover St) and Mosgiel (92 Gordon Road).

Chiropractic adjustments stimulate and balance the nervous system to encourage total brain, spine and body structure well being. Our philosophy is holistic and moves beyond simply suppressing symptoms.

If you want to naturally improve your daily function and well being, chiropractic care  is for you.

When your spine, brain and body are in proper adjustment with each other, your productivity, quality of life and resilience to daily stresses will benefit.

Chronic pain and discomfort from occupational and repetitive overuse syndromes can also be addressed by chiropractic approaches.

Chiropractic Care is a Natural and Safe Option

Chiropractic care is a very safe option compared to the use of drugs and surgery.  It has been a trusted drug free form of healthcare for New Zealanders young and old for over 80 years.

New Zealand Chiropractors were legislatively recognised in 1960 via the Chiropractors’ Act, and are today covered by the Health Practitioners Competency Assurance Act, 2002.

No Referral Required - you can book directly with us

You can book your appointment directly with us without a GP referral. If required we can initiate an ACC claim, order or read x-rays for you.

Trusted Care for All Ages - From 7 Days Of Age and Up

Doctors of Chiropractic have been trusted providers of safe, effective, conservative healthcare to New Zealanders young and old for over 75 years. At BodyMind & Spine we regularly care for those from 7 days old up to the most mature adults

Short Term Care for Short Term Solutions or Long Term Care for Long Term Results - It's Up to You

Whether you have a pressing, specific set of symptoms you want taken care of naturally ASAP, or you wish to use chiropractic care to maintain, tune up and enhance your spine, body structure and health for the long term, we cater to your goals.

The Effectiveness of the Chiropractors’ Art Comes From Exacting Analysis

The effectiveness of the chiropractors’ art comes from analysing precisely where your body requires the stimulation of chiropractic adjustments. At BodyMind & Spine we use both traditional and low force chiropractic techniques. In choosing the right treatment technique for you, we have your safety in mind at all times.
During the five year degree course for chiropractors in New Zealand, undergraduates perform between fifteen hundred and three thousand separate spine and joint adjustments before gaining their practice license. This level of experience and training is second to none. Your spine, body structure and nerves are in the safest, most skilled of hands.

We Advocate a Natural, Conservative and Non-Invasive Approach to Health

At BodyMind & Spine we have a practice philosophy of “caring for health” as opposed to “caring for sickness”.
Chiropractors have traditionally advised on minimising the use of invasive or synthetic approaches to health, preferring – where practical – to naturally stimulate the intelligent health giving systems of the human body. At BodyMind & Spine we believe that the body’s actions are usually adaptive, intelligent and purposeful. Even if this results in unwanted symptoms, those symptoms are often purposeful in nature.

Your chiropractor is well trained to answer your questions on various health conditions and concerns – minor or major, chronic or acute – and to help you identify any need you may have for diagnostic imaging, medical or other follow up.

Many people have a lowered tolerance for the strain that drugs and surgery can impose on the body. If you think you are one of those people, the use of a more conservative and non-invasive healthcare approach such as chiropractic may be especially suitable for you.

Chiropractic Care – A First Choice, A Last Resort

Whether you choose to see a chiropractor for a first or second opinion, or a tenth for that matter, please come and see us at BodyMind & Spine to see what difference the chiropractic approach can make to you.
For health and performance challenges radiating from your spine, joints or nerves we believe that you cannot make a better choice than seeking advice and assistance from your preferred Doctor of Chiropractic.