About BodyMind & Spine and Dr Tat Loo

Natural Healthcare for Dunedin & Mosgiel

BodyMind & Spine was founded in 2007 by Dr Tat Loo, Dunedin’s longest serving chiropractor. His goal is to bring highly effective personalised chiropractic care to help you and those you care about.

Tat is an active member of the New Zealand Chiropractors Association and a member of the New Zealand Pain Society. His chiropractic training was through the New Zealand College of Chiropractic (Auckland), completing the five year B.Chiro in 2005. Tat completed postgrad studies through the Newcastle School of Medicine and Public Health (NSW), graduating with a Master of Pain Medicine in 2010.

Dunedin Chiropractor Back Pain

Chiropractors in NZ

In New Zealand, chiropractors complete comprehensive statutory licensing exams and continuing education requirements.  Chiropractors are trained to identify health conditions requiring medical follow up and are able to take and read x-rays.

Safe & Effective for Your Family

A landmark 1979 New Zealand Royal Commission of Inquiry ascertained that chiropractic care was extremely safe and effective for specific problems relating to the spine, joints and nerves and that the New Zealand public should have greatly widened access to chiropractic care.

Chiropractors and the Health System

Chiropractors have been accepted for ACC coverage for many years, but currently they have limited or no role in the public health and hospital system.  This may reflect various historical, political and philosophical differences between the chiropractic and medical professions.

Choose a Chiropractor who works best for you

There are approximately 500 practicing chiropractors in New Zealand.  Most are North American, Australian, UK or New Zealand trained.  Depending on their individual training and background, healthcare professionals (including chiropractors) can vary considerably in their approach.  Seek out those health professionals who understand and meet your needs.