Terms & Conditions of Treatment Plans

Conditions of Treatment Plans
1.        Congratulations.  It always pays to read the fine print.

2.        Prepay for 8 Treatment Block: Pay for 7 visits, the 8th is complimentary – no charge.  Visits are valid for 12 months from date of purchase (all remaining visits then expire).  Full refunds of unused fully paid visits will be granted at any time during the valid period, no questions asked.  No refunds are possible after expiry.  Sorry.

3.        Unlimited care plans (individual and family): Valid for 6 months from date of purchase.  These plans are not suitable or appropriate for everyone – ask your BodyMind & Spine chiropractor.

4.        Unlimited care family plan: covers two adults living in the same dwelling in a marriage, de facto or civil union relationship, and up to two nominated children under 16 years of age living with them.  Cover for a third child may be added for just $100 incl GST.

5.        Refunds are available for unlimited care plans at any time within the duration of the plan.  These are worked out according to the following formula.  No refunds are possible after unlimited care plan expiry.  Sorry.

a.        Refund due = (Initial purchase price of plan) – (Total no. of adult visits used x $40)

b.        For instance, after 5 visits on the Individual unlimited care plan, a refund of $590 is due i.e. ($790 initial purchase price) – (5 visits @ $40 each) = $590.

6.        Very rarely but at any time, BodyMind & Spine may choose to terminate a concession card or unlimited visit care plan by applying the above refund rules and providing a formal letter of explanation.

7.        BodyMind & Spine service offerings and fees may change at any time without notice.