Our New Patient Chiropractic Assessment

by an experienced, NZ trained Chiropractor

Our NZ board licensed chiropractor Dr Tat Loo will assess and review your case and answer your questions. A health history and thorough chiropractic assessment will be an integral part of this visit.

If you have any previous imaging, medical reports, current medications, ACC claims etc. please bring them along if you can.  This visit may last 40 minutes. Chiropractic TableIf it is suitable, chiropractic adjustments will be provided on the same visit.

Most people will notice significant benefits within the first four to twelve treatment visits (typically spaced over 4-6 weeks), but this will vary depending on your individual circumstances.

For people who wish to maximise and maintain the wellbeing of their spine, body structure and general resilience, occasional chiropractic visits a few times a year may be advisable.